• open source consulting
  • Open Source Consulting Inc. has focused on building technology solutions and services for “Cloud and Collaboration”, since its establishment in 2012.

    We have developed the cloud solutions – Playce based on open source software. We are continuously developing and servicing open source, public/private cloud, data center automation and IoT related solutions. In addition to these expertise and experience, we provide high-quality solutions and comprehensive methodology consulting services.

    In addition, as a platinum partner of Atlassian, we have lots of practical experiences in technical/application/system architecture consulting and developments with Atlassian solutions. On top of these expertise, we can provide Atlassian based ALM and DevOps solutions, comprehensive methodology consulting services.

Our Business

  • Cloud

    Public Cloud - AWS, GCP cloud managed services, System operation/control services - Information Strategy Plan(ISP) for cloud migration

    Private Cloud - OpenStack cloud packaging and technical support - Building a Kubernetes-based container environment

    Open Source - Open source middleware, OS, APM solution technical support Technical guide for introduction to open source

    Consulting - Cloud migration consulting for data center - Application, DevOps architecture consulting

  • Collaboration

    Atlassian - Atlassian Platinum Partner - Official sales of Atlassian server, data center, and cloud products - Product training and on-site training services - Developing Atlassian Marketplace App

    Consulting - DevOps, ITSM implementation services using Atlassian products - System diagnostics for Atlassian environment, large-scale architecture services - Agile, DevOps cultural experience training

Our Products

  is the cloud solutions to enhance customer’s business competitiveness.

  • Web Application Server

    More Powerful & Upgraded Cloud Infrastructure
    through Web Application Server
  • Cloud Migration Solution

    Fast and Easy Large-scale Migration to the Cloud!
  • IaaS & PaaS Cloud Platform

    Optimized Open Source Community Packaging!

Open Source Consulting is honored as
‘Atlassian Partner of the Year 2019 : Marketing Innovator’

Official announcement by Atlassian, click here

Our Partners

  • 아마존웹서비스
  • 휴렛패커드엔터프라이즈
  • 레드햇
  • Zabbix
  • Elasticsearch
  • 아틀라시안
  • Oracle
  • G2G3
  • NBP

Our Customer

  • 삼성전자
  • 삼성SDS
  • 삼성카드
  • 삼성화재
  • 삼성생명
  • 르노삼성자동차
  • 삼성증권
  • 한화
  • 한화투자증권
  • 한화시스템
  • LH
  • 케이프투자증권
  • 현대중공업
  • 현대제철
  • 현대일렉트릭
  • 미주호
  • 하나금융티아이
  • 근로복지공단
  • 메트라이프
  • 미래에셋생명
  • 미래에셋대우
  • 코스콤
  • 서울특별시
  • 서울특별시교육청
  • 정보통합전산센터
  • ETRI
  • KETI
  • 라이나생명
  • 동부생명
  • 르노캐피탈
  • 케이비증권
  • 롯데글로벌로지스
  • 에듀윌
  • NIPA
  • 신한은행
  • 신한금융투자
  • 아식스코리아
  • 쿠팡
  • 카카오
  • 우아한형제들
  • NS홈쇼핑
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